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Celebrities' Blogs

By aparajithl
Blogs are a way of expressing one`s(blogger) view be it politics or technology.but many blogs gets seldom attraction.you know y? its jus coz celebrity blogs are more enthralling to read and it`s not very often readers get to read true story of their beloved actors as they portray only large then life characters in films.

Here`s the list of most visited celebrity blogs:
Amitabh Bachhan


Well i keep updating this post whenever i come across a celebrity blog. So Do Watch out for this space.

Google chrome book

By aparajithl
Interested in chrome comic book? Jus go thru the link.It`s really interesting and you will find all chrome features in the comic book.


Google Introduces new Browser

By aparajithl
I just went thru google home page, and i saw a link for "download chrome browser"..i wondered if this really could be a browser..i was surprised to see its new cool,sophisticated yet so simple browser..This browser is way faster than firefox or internet explorer,another exciting feature is "Google Suggest"..Do check that out..this light weight browser is basically powered by webkit, a open source project and also includes a high performance java script engine and Google Gears.

Some developers seems to have identified a bug while running google docs,blog spot or gmail in Chrome.But i didnt have a any trouble at all.This is just the beta version,when the real version comes i guess this cool browser will replace IE..Click here to download Chrome

New Month!!!

By aparajithl
I was made to wait for 10 days or so to browse freely as i exceeded net limit last month, but now its a new month(hurray!! and i had my hair cut too)As expected,third phase of my training started today and its gonna be grueling period for me..hope my eyes will bear for that..
Today morning i had a chance to listen sound track of dark knight and infact its d first time i ve downloaded OST of a eng film..It is seriously damn great and its one of the high points of this most successful film in recent history.Tracks are so refreshing and i" dont stop playing the music"(yup,effect of rihanna`s album)..I showed it to my mom,sis as always i do wen i hear exciting compositions as this.Just when i seem to enjoy d music, rather shockingly i found plagiarized music of DK OST in tele-serials`BGM!!.

"Dark knight mania s all over the world"

Microsoft OFone

By aparajithl
Got bored with iphone?do u want boomerang, Microsoft comes with a crazy,novel idea which looks like it ll kick iphone out the race..there r 3 keyboards pivot to central screen and infact u can even play boomerang wen u fold al keyboards...Develeopers say its easy to code for tat too..or it`s just d pranks? only time ll tell .okay, Guess it`s apt for me to give the video link here..http://www.youtube.com/v/WazA77xcf0A&

Woeful Life.....

By aparajithl
Its rather terrible,sittin at home doin e-learning courses and worst of all,the site is loadin at snail`s pace..My eyes started to look red and haven done hair-cut for 2 weeks due to laziness syndrome that has gone into me(courtesy-effect of sittin with computer)..Only God knows wen i ll finish al these..along the way i did have few relieving moments like finishing the 2nd phase yesterday.even though d topic was bit familiar,it irritates me specially wen u know u r not paid stipend and also its a damn woeful thing sitting front of a dumb laptop for 6-7 hours a day... Will life be any better tomorrow?

I`m back

By aparajithl
Atlast i`m back to blogging,guess it`s after five months or so,frankly speaking i didn have time to write as i had to undergo online training these days..infact,the usage has gone up to 3.5 gb due that..so i try to write wen ever i get time 2...I think its time to subscribe unlimited net plans, i did fill up the forms and gave that two months back,but they r messing up things..really i jus cant spend extra 1000 bugs(due to 3.5 gb :-( .... i really hoping to finish these online trainin stuffs soon...

I found out a a cool 3d picture viewing online utility last month.its called piclens..Its really eye catching but neat software which enables to see online pictures in 3d space..There are plugins available for different browsers,which v just need 2 download....after downloading,u can view d picture(s) in 3D by clicking on the little piclens icon on bottom of pic itself... Want to try it?? Just Go to this link www.cooliris.com...