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New Month!!!

By aparajithl
I was made to wait for 10 days or so to browse freely as i exceeded net limit last month, but now its a new month(hurray!! and i had my hair cut too)As expected,third phase of my training started today and its gonna be grueling period for me..hope my eyes will bear for that..
Today morning i had a chance to listen sound track of dark knight and infact its d first time i ve downloaded OST of a eng film..It is seriously damn great and its one of the high points of this most successful film in recent history.Tracks are so refreshing and i" dont stop playing the music"(yup,effect of rihanna`s album)..I showed it to my mom,sis as always i do wen i hear exciting compositions as this.Just when i seem to enjoy d music, rather shockingly i found plagiarized music of DK OST in tele-serials`BGM!!.

"Dark knight mania s all over the world"

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