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Celebrities' Blogs

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Blogs are a way of expressing one`s(blogger) view be it politics or technology.but many blogs gets seldom attraction.you know y? its jus coz celebrity blogs are more enthralling to read and it`s not very often readers get to read true story of their beloved actors as they portray only large then life characters in films.

Here`s the list of most visited celebrity blogs:
Amitabh Bachhan


Well i keep updating this post whenever i come across a celebrity blog. So Do Watch out for this space.

Google chrome book

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Interested in chrome comic book? Jus go thru the link.It`s really interesting and you will find all chrome features in the comic book.


Google Introduces new Browser

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I just went thru google home page, and i saw a link for "download chrome browser"..i wondered if this really could be a browser..i was surprised to see its new cool,sophisticated yet so simple browser..This browser is way faster than firefox or internet explorer,another exciting feature is "Google Suggest"..Do check that out..this light weight browser is basically powered by webkit, a open source project and also includes a high performance java script engine and Google Gears.

Some developers seems to have identified a bug while running google docs,blog spot or gmail in Chrome.But i didnt have a any trouble at all.This is just the beta version,when the real version comes i guess this cool browser will replace IE..Click here to download Chrome

New Month!!!

By aparajithl
I was made to wait for 10 days or so to browse freely as i exceeded net limit last month, but now its a new month(hurray!! and i had my hair cut too)As expected,third phase of my training started today and its gonna be grueling period for me..hope my eyes will bear for that..
Today morning i had a chance to listen sound track of dark knight and infact its d first time i ve downloaded OST of a eng film..It is seriously damn great and its one of the high points of this most successful film in recent history.Tracks are so refreshing and i" dont stop playing the music"(yup,effect of rihanna`s album)..I showed it to my mom,sis as always i do wen i hear exciting compositions as this.Just when i seem to enjoy d music, rather shockingly i found plagiarized music of DK OST in tele-serials`BGM!!.

"Dark knight mania s all over the world"

Microsoft OFone

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Got bored with iphone?do u want boomerang, Microsoft comes with a crazy,novel idea which looks like it ll kick iphone out the race..there r 3 keyboards pivot to central screen and infact u can even play boomerang wen u fold al keyboards...Develeopers say its easy to code for tat too..or it`s just d pranks? only time ll tell .okay, Guess it`s apt for me to give the video link here..http://www.youtube.com/v/WazA77xcf0A&

Woeful Life.....

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Its rather terrible,sittin at home doin e-learning courses and worst of all,the site is loadin at snail`s pace..My eyes started to look red and haven done hair-cut for 2 weeks due to laziness syndrome that has gone into me(courtesy-effect of sittin with computer)..Only God knows wen i ll finish al these..along the way i did have few relieving moments like finishing the 2nd phase yesterday.even though d topic was bit familiar,it irritates me specially wen u know u r not paid stipend and also its a damn woeful thing sitting front of a dumb laptop for 6-7 hours a day... Will life be any better tomorrow?

I`m back

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Atlast i`m back to blogging,guess it`s after five months or so,frankly speaking i didn have time to write as i had to undergo online training these days..infact,the usage has gone up to 3.5 gb due that..so i try to write wen ever i get time 2...I think its time to subscribe unlimited net plans, i did fill up the forms and gave that two months back,but they r messing up things..really i jus cant spend extra 1000 bugs(due to 3.5 gb :-( .... i really hoping to finish these online trainin stuffs soon...

I found out a a cool 3d picture viewing online utility last month.its called piclens..Its really eye catching but neat software which enables to see online pictures in 3d space..There are plugins available for different browsers,which v just need 2 download....after downloading,u can view d picture(s) in 3D by clicking on the little piclens icon on bottom of pic itself... Want to try it?? Just Go to this link www.cooliris.com...

IPL: Chennai Vs Punjab

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Guess Todays match is crucial from chennai perspective, if they lose this match.Tournament gets opened and it gives a chance for the teams at the bottom of the table to move up..Interestingly the last time these two teams it was a high scoring game, chennai scored 240 odd runs with hussey scoring a brilliant century..But now things have changed drastically as chennai s without the hussey and hayden,also lost 3 on the trot before the last match..Mixed fortunes for other team as well as punjab lost first two matches but timely bounced back and now sitting prettily at the second best team in the tournament..Today`s match promises to be a engrossing contest between the top teams of the league.Dhoni`s chennai managed to pull things back on track in the last match,it will be interesting to see how they ll fare against the top team

Sangakkara will not be available for this match for punjab,this ll be a relief for dhoni.Having said that punjab got the fire power to explode.importantly captain himself seems to be in nice touch..so we ll ve to wait an watch whether dhoni`s temperament ll match punjab fire power..

IPS Questions

By aparajithl
Q.How can you drop raw egg onto concrete floor without cracking
A.Concrete floors are hard to crack!

Q.If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall how long will it
take for
four men to build it?
A. No time at all as it is already built.

Q.If you had 3 apples and 4 oranges in one hand and 4
apples and 3 oranges in the other hand, what will you have?
A. huge hands.(UPSC 11 Rank Opted for IPS)

Q. How can you lift an elephant with 1 hand?
A. It is not a problem, as you will never find an elephant with

Q. How can a man go 8 days without sleep?
A.. No Problems , He sleeps at nite.

Q. If you throw red stone into blue sea what it will become?
A. It will become Wet or Sink as simple as that.

Q. What looks like half apple ?
A : The other half.

Q. What you can never eat for breakfast ?
A : Dinner.

Q. What happened when the wheel was invented ?
A : It caused revolution.

Q.. Bay of Bengal is in which state?
A : Liquid state

SMS 2.0

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Tired of seeing the black and white SMS msgs?here`s the way u can renovate ur mail to make it colourful,Airtel(bharati group) joined hands with Affle to provide this service,they say this would enable mobile users to send colourful emotions,text and many more..

Also,there are added services like jokes,Cricket,news which are integrated with this SMS2.0.. Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief of Marketing Division for Airtel Mobile Services said this would help gain or grow market share amoung the Younger people..What is more interesting is that,upgrade to SMS2.0 will be free of cost.Then this facility is now limited to only Airtel users but people do believe many private players like vodafone etc will have this soon.I hope this would provide perfect platform to the Mobile internet World

Meaning of Simplicity

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Is this the Meaning for Simplicity?? i was taken aback after seein thisJust See the Model of the Cell Phone he is holding,which is very basic Nokia Model.
He`s reportedly got around 20 to 35 crores for the film 'Sivaji'(which was indeed a blockbuster) and also second highest paid actor in Asia just behind Jackie

Chan..truely a man of simplicity

Final Project Review

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its been six or seven days since i ve written blog as i was busy with my project work but as my project final review is on monday i hope to write regularily after that.Speaking about the preparation for my project i faced many obstacles.had problems with my laptop fan but then i got that repaired.Thank god,and i hope to do wel in my final review,it really been grueling week..Infact both physically and mentally..

Reviving Tour memories:Part Three

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We did have fun in d tour and saw many sight seeings,but the most frustrating visit was Dottabetta hills,energy already got exhausted while traveling through the hair pin bends by van.We went there just to see the hills.Dottabetta is one of the highest point in India,but then i tot hills are quite common in Ooty so found nothing interesting(my Point of View).we saw a telescopic view and it wasnt clear at al(Instructor there did mention abt that)..
One of my friends after seeing it said she wasnt impressed(in English)... that s definitely one of the funniest moments in the tour..Its been two days since i came back from tour but excitement s still there.Unfortunately i`m suffering from head and stomach aches,its getting better now.Hope i would go to col tommo

ArRahman`s Firsts

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Arr learnt music from a University in London,he then started creating music for ad films which many people appreciated and later he got opportunity to work with Director ManiRatnam and really that was the starting point and then no looking back,these two have worked wonders in tamil and hindi industry. Roja(1992) was first tamil film for Arr and subsequently got dubbed in hindi too

Similarity Story

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Its ridiculous that often in Cricket and Music ,fellow indians seems to forget about Legends,Sachin and ARR always performed well in their respective fields for over years but still critics love to target them for no reason,Fortunately these legends gets due respect from the other parts of the world as sachin and ARR have been appreciated by Australia and US crowds respectively in their recent tours.This again proves that they are greatest on Earth

India Won CB Series

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Its been pretty hard three months for the Indian players out in Australia ,and with controversies surrounding them its got even tougher.But putting those aside Team India won the battle against aussies in CB Series involving Srilanka as well and atlast won the CB cup.. After the First final experts tot aus would pull things back in Gabba but quite dramatically India did hold the upper hand in major parts of the final game and turned victorious. Sachin started it all,he was in terrific form the other night and also today he was the main architect.I think over the years Sachin started to build innings and try to force things in later part of the innings..he did the same in Sydney and today as well.

We should nt be carried away with this victory,we ve got home series coming up against SA.India should try and win those contests.I really see a bright future and eventually 2 or 3 years down the line we might well be world champions.

My Life : Today

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Its been a week since i last posted,spent time goin to OOTY tour.i think for the past two days its all happy moments,first things first,Sachin scored a match winning century and U19 team went on to win WC which is quite an achievement.Personally i too tasted some success as i got driving license(both car and two wheeler) and hoping to enjoy in the culturals to be held in our College,i really admire co-ordinators for the effort they put in to make it a grand success,they somehow managed to pull sponsors their way and not only sponsors even cine artists.I wouldn be surprised if they rope in Actor Vijay for Inaugural function,such as been their commitment...

Second finals gonna start,with Ishant injured team looks slightly out of balance in the bowling dept.But then,considering sachin`s form this wont worry much i guess.All the best to the team.

Most Unique Bike

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Most Unique Bike:
I think this bike is one of the most unusual bike u would ever see.First when i saw the picture of it,i thought makers of that bike are bluffing but then after reading the reports,i changed my thoughts..It s the most unique bike with only one wheel and art of engineering is definitely portrayed in this invention.Do look at those pictures..


Reviving Tour memories:Part Two

By aparajithl
Normal Photo:
This time abt me,fine i had a terrible head-ache through out the trip and i had to tie kerchief around my head.. thats not al,In one of my photos i did stare at the camera as if i have seen a ghost or something other.My uncle too commented on that,do see the difference from my original photo..I actually shaved my mustache after seeing that photo :-)

Staring at ? :


Reviving Tour memories:Part One

By aparajithl
i came back home yester morning from hectic and tiresome tour.We did enjoy a lot in that tour,i hope to write posts on funny and exciting moments on tour.Journeys through buses with fren is always fun,specially with dudes like hari :-) .. while we were travellin around ooty for sight seeing,hari tot he wud be better off in showing his arms... we managed to take a snap shot of him..I did take every movement of his...The tour was filled with mixtures(understood?) from the start,honestly speaking tour co-ordinators did splendid job in making this one of the most memorable tours i ve gone..continue reading for part 2 of tour memories episode

Cricket Business

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Yesterday we,indians witnessed the cricket Business where several players were been auctioned and around 120 crores spent in just over ten hours,Well,experts say this is just the beginning of this Huge IPL.Fans around were taken by surprise by the price of their international heroes and Youngster like Ishanth hardly have experience behind him is al set to get arount 3.8 crores much ahead of proven performer like Ponting.Is this overbidding? No says experts again.they call these as a strategic move.Remember Some Australian players might not play for atleast 2 seasons,coz of tight schedule.

Already BCCI said to have benefited 7200 crores from IPL.While Whopping sums,Glamour,bollywood driving the IPL forward,One big question is will young cricketers get benefit from this? doubt still remains in fans.Hope when tournament kicks off,everything will be clarified.I guess i need to say about the IPL teams as well,as of know Chennai and Hyderabad seems to very powerful and balanced side..Still players from under 22 need to be picked,Hope we should get full composition by next week.

Bollywood Actress Salary

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Latest News is that Shankar`s Robot starring Super Star Rajnikanth will have Aishwarya Rai as its female lead and she will be paid a huge 6 crores for this film.In this post we will see the Salaries of Hindi actresses

Aishwarya Rai - 6 crores
Katrina Kaif - 6 crores(might be rumours as well)
Kareena Kapoor - 3.5 crores
Rani Mukherjee - 3 to 4 crores
Priyanka Chopra - 2 crores
Deepika Padukone - 2 crores
Bipasha Basu - 1 crore
Shreya - 65 lakhs
Asin - 55 lakhs

All other actresses get 1-2 crores

My life : Today

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I couldn attend 2nd review as i had a terrible eye infection but this time i suppose everything will go well,we managed to finish off the remaining steps in fingerprint recognition and really glad that we got output which we expected and apart from finishing the ppt,i successfully applied for the passport(aaah great achievement rite..)i and my family went to shastri bhavan(is dis rite spelling,anyway i never mind) as early as 9 a.m,and got my particulars verified... The hospitality was bad but then considering the no of applicants appearing for verification,somehow had to give credits to the police men there for controlling crowd... Luckily with online registration in place,i wasnt much affected by the crowds... I returned home only at 3 P.M to see the thriller match between india and Sri Lanka.We are rather comfortably placed with 12 points ahead of lankans but then with the line up lankans have they can roar back. I think by far this is the best Triangular series in this decade.

Lets hope that better team wins the tournament.With just two days to go(for ooty departure) i have to pack my things, which i hope i`ll do it tommo evening and need to charge my camera as well,OOPS! before that i need to complete my 3rd Review(hope we put up a good show :-)

Dhoni`s Purple form

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i was relieved that India won the 8th match in CB series,even though it wasnt quite comfortable of sorts,but then after being 51 for 3 they did well to come back and win this game.Thanks to brilliant 76 from Yuvraj and Dhoni`s fifty.After winning the toss Lankans were on the back foot loosing two vital wickets,it was left to experience guns Mahela and Sangakkara to ride the ship.In the end they did post a imposing target of 239 to win.India quickly lost three wickets and then recovered well from there to win the match..

Wat really satisfied me is the way Dhoni adjusts to the conditions and scenarios,he`s been one batsman hard to dismiss in this series.Every time he walks he gets 30 to 40 odd runs which is vital in middle overs and with Yuvraj back in the runs middle order now looks solid.Only problem is the temporary slump in Sachin`s form,i think he will fire in the next game.Lankans dont want him to be in form as they now need to win its remaining three matches to go to the finals..Let See if it happens :-)

Cricket World Record

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i came across this when i was reading one news article got surprised by the record,In an Women`s World Qualifier match Bermuda got bowled out for a paltry 13 runs,Sounds Interesting rite.and its opponent SA scored those in just four balls.But as this match is just a qualifier one ,it wont go to the record books,i pity SA..Do you remember Bermuda men`s team got trashed by spirited India(eventually Men in Blue got eliminated with that spirit :-) in a world cup match?. Bermuda lost the match by 257 runs - biggest in cricket history.. Such as been the quality of the Bermuda players. They are unable to cope up with the international standards. ICC needs to look at it,they shouldnt add too many countries just for the sake of improving the game.It does reflects like this badly at times..

I thought i should mention about IPL in this post,as IPL started with a definite purpose to improve the quality of domestic players(dont compare them with Bermudans) and BCCI supposed to have got around 7000 crores from TV rights and through franchises too.So then will they invest these money to develop cricket in other countries too?

Core Point Detection Source Code

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I somehow managed to detect corepoint for my fingerprint recognition project,it is very important step in recognition so i thought i need to post this here,i almost finished the remaining steps in my project(paper courtesy: Matching technique using Gabor Filters).i have attached the source code of core point detection.just download them and run the TEST.m file.


Jodha Akbar

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i cant wait to see this movie anymore,film reportedly recorded full houses and did live up to expectations of the film lovers.With Music already a hit amoung youth , people like me are really desperate to see this film.It Seems Ashtosh has handled Hrithik and Ash pretty well.Above all it sounds as a decent clean love story one shouldn`t miss watching... Then Happy Valentines Day,jus little late in wishing i guess :-)

Controversies are really building up for this film especially after its release,Rajputs claim that Jodha is not Akbar`s wife but his son Jahangir`s.I seriously dunno how far these claims are true but personally speaking i think Ashtosh would have read many books and did a lot of research work,he too defend his work...... Lets hope this controversy ends pretty fast

India Australia Match Preview

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With Australia getting bonus point from its last encounter against Sri Lanka,they now stand comfortably at first place with 12points.This Series will be alive till the last match and World Champions have to fight hard with Lankans and Men in Blue.Gilly was back to his usual best in match against Lankans and it was a memorable farewill effort from him. He has been an integral part in the team for years and Perth will definitely miss this talent for sure.

Millions of fans are waiting for this crucial match which gonna start tommo featuring india and Australia. With India registering their only win in the tournament last week against them,Men in Blue are desperate to win another to go at the top.It remains to be seen if yuvraj will play tommo as he had a series of flops in Aus and while Youngsters like Raina,Tiwari waiting he cant take too many chances..Will Dhoni have the courage to drop the Vice Captain? and bowling card looks solid with Ishant and Sreeshant, Sree was hammered by Jayasurya last match but then no one can stop him if he`s in full flow.But Sree will definitely come back considering his ability to perform well in seaming conditions... Australian line up is solid too but with brett lee rested, aus have to depend upon bracken and brad hogg... We,cricket fans hoping for a cracking encouter between the two highly talented side

Best Ice Hotel

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There many ice hotels around but then this hotel located in Sweden is one of the best,it has more than sixty rooms,receptions,bars etc. this hotel will be opened only between nov and may.I really want to go to this hotel,even if its bit expensive.Fascinating pictures..


World`s Most Expensive House

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This is definitely one of the most Expensive and Wonderful houses in Earth,this house is owned by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who`s ruler of Abu Dhabi.First looking at that i thought it is a hotel,What a Creation!


By aparajithl
125/2 First Main Road,
Alwarthirunagar Annexe,
Chennai- 87

Cell no:0919884423080

Film that i like the Most

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In my earlier post i ve written about innings(that i like) , but now i gonna discuss about a film 'Taare Zameen Par' directed and produced by Aamir khan, which is a classic entertainer about a socially vital subject 'dyslexia'.Aamir khan,in this film believes that every child is special whether physically challenged or dyslexic and Dyslexia is a disorder which spans diversity of symptoms that is normally found in children with above average intelligence,Story is quite simple Aamir as a teacher try to sort out the problems that a child(Harsheel) is facing and in the end he succeeds.This film does not bore a second and he uses his super stardom status perfectly.

While climax of the film 'Lagaan' was set in a cricket match and here it is in an art competition, but the effect is riveting and entertaining. I really wont be surprised if this movie gets nominated for Oscars.We rarely see message and entertainment so exquisitely combined in Indian Cinema.We as indians can really be proud of this.

My Life : Innings that I like and Dislike

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There are innings where we see batsmen score very quickly and smashes opponents out of the park and other side we also come across batters who plays really slowly something like taking 400 balls to score 100 runs,these things happens quite regularly in test cricket.Coming to fastest innings,my personal favourite is Astle`s 168 ball 222 against England.He was definitely one of the best hitters in the game and that innings was quite excellent.Having been set a daunting task of 550, black caps were on the back foot losing wicket at regular intervals. Then came Astle to counter attack English bowlers.Even though he couldnt win the match for the team but he did win the minds and hearts of millions of cricket fans with his brilliant knock..

On the other hand, innings such as Dravid`s irritating knocks of 5(66) and 16(144) in the boxing day test in MCG eventually let the team down .It will definitely count as one of the slowest innings he has ever played.But then,he got his form back right in the 3rd test at perth.


Microsoft Yahoo Deal

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News is that Microsoft-Yahoo Deal could be hit says the online research company IDC, We know that Microsoft did bid for 44 billion dollars to acquire Yahoo.If this happens this could well be one of the biggest merger in the tech industry.In US,Google commands 32.5 percent of the online revenue market while Microsoft and Yahoo together has 22.7 percent.also in US, the audience reach combining these two is just 74 percent while Google is 80 percent.

Researchers claim in the span of 2 to 3 years they might close the gap on google only if the deal is successful.I think only segment where Microsoft and Yahoo cant touch is video sharing as Google`s Youtube is way ahead.With Yahoo carefully studying the proposal one might except this deal to be successful as Yahoo seems interested.We need to wait for the final call from the giants

My Like: Web Sites that i like

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There are bilions of web sites and each one is different,but we actually visit only few of those.May be its something to do with their personal interest and it varies for person to person.i thought i should dedicate a post for those website which i like the most..

Google: One of the Best Search Engine and its so simple and compact unlike other search engines around,they are the leaders in Online revenue market.

Gmail:Its Google again,i like this mail just because of the integrated chat it offers which is quite easy to use and perhaps it is fast too

EDAboard: One of the best forums i have seen,great site for Electronics and Digital related topics.This site really helped me a lot

Broadband Forum: Helps a lot for those who wanted to know from Broadband to CAS(Conditional Access System) really a interactive forum

My Life : Five Cards

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YESTERDAY: I and My Friends had a very exciting day,Cutting the class and playing games is always fun.we actually played five cards game in hostel.Before playing the game i thought i shouldnt lose this time around as i did last time.As always i started well,at that point i believed in my self to go ahead and finish first.After 5 to 10 games my points eventually began to rise and even though luck favoured me a bit but just couldnt convert it,slowly started to lose.Surprisingly one of my friends who was at last position did win at last and final moments were really interesting.

TODAY: Now i missed my college bus,its bit disappointing that i couldnt play five cards again but more than that i will be missing a great movie 'Persuit of Happiness' which will telecasted in my col l audi ,i again squandered the opportunity to see the movie.

SCV Vs Arasu

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This year we will see a lot of competition in DTH and CAS sectors which is very good for Indian Customers and there has been rumours of late that Tamilnadu Govt will take over SCV but now i`m pretty much clear that Arasu Cable Vision owned by the Govt have actually joined hands with Hathway cable(Courtesy Isai Aruvi Channel) and it seems they have started to give STB for free,customers need to pay only the subscription fee.I tried calling Hathway but they did pick the line.

Phone Nos of Hathway are 09940122333,04442107676,04442107878.

With SCV wooing customers with very low STB price,confusion still prevails whether to go for SCV(STB) or Arasu Cable Vision.Fortunately CB Tri-Series matches involving India are being telecasted in DD National. So I prefer to wait for a week to decide on that.Some good news for people who are waiting for Reliance Big TV DTH as they finally started their work and the introductory offer is limited only to Reliance Employees.I guess they would come up with full package plan for others in March. For Further Details go this link http://bigtv.co.in/bigtv/Emailer/product.html .

"Journey of Music Maestro"

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Again its Arr,he did it last year with his 'Ooh la la la' and now a School. Arr has acquired a land near chennai airport for the music school to develop young talent.It seems he wants to nurture Western Music among them,and really its a huge step from this man.Speaking about his works, The music of the eagerly awaited movie ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ is directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai .

Director Ashutosh and music director A.R. Rahman have had very good partnership and produced hit music earlier. And with Jodhaa Akbar, these two have delivered exceptional scores ,and tracks are definitely pulsating.Song 'Khawaja Mere' sung by maestro himself is pick of the album,but then every track is mind blowing.

Kapil Dev Vs Gavaskar

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Will IPL and ICL merge? Well everyone know that first edition of ICL was a success atleast revenue wise but now IPL promoted by BCCI will have stardom in their favor and who would prefer watching Dinesh Mongia instead of Sachin Tendulkar?.Now onus is on ICL to understand that in Cricket,money isnt everything.Stars,Public Interest is what finally matters.. Its very much clear that ICL will lose the plot at some point if they concentrate on money alone,as BCCI is standing tall in that sense..I want to see both leagues join together in the near future to encourage young talent present in this part of the world,by saying that i feel its too much to ask for knowing the BCCI stand on ICL.

Microsoft bids 44 billion dollars for yahoo

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This is big,Last time they could`nt but can they now? Microsoft bids 44 billion dollars for Yahoo.
Biggest Software giant plans to take on another to challenge Google, Well we know that Microsoft and Yahoo fell short of Google in Online Revenue for 2007 and Remember Microsoft did bid to acquire Yahoo in 2007 but eventually failed,
Well can we see turn around of things in this year?It seems Microsoft gonna rise the bid,We need to wait and see

Twenty 20 India vs Australia

By aparajithl

For 2 months it has been riveting and excellent experience for Team India in Australian Soil,Amidst the speculations of India pulling out of the ODI series,they are going to start the series with the twenty 20 match against Aussies in MCG.Indians are world champions and they gonna play hard cricket for sure, then Injury sacre for both teams as Ponting and Yuvraj will be truely missed and sources have confirmed that Sachin is going to play his first match against aus in twenty 20,its just matter of time that he flourishes in this format too.Good luck to my hero

Ar Rahman

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Hi,this blog is dedicated to ar rahman,Cricket and many more,no intro needed for someone like arr,he is great and his music speaks for him,having been in the music industry for 15 years,he has evolved as one of the greatest musician india ever produced.

God of Indian Cricket

By aparajithl
He is perhaps the best cricket player world has ever seen after Sir Don Bradman,Batting styles of the both the legends are almost similar..Sachin,over the years played many memorable innings and single handedly won many matches for India,His record in both forms of the game will tell u tat he is certainly the best in the business..People around the world(including me for that matter) admire his style,grace,elegance in batting and also temperament..I will always be the fan of his,no matter how old he becomes or continue to worship even after his retirement..Indian Cricket is always blessed with people like him or say like gavaskar,dravid,ganguly and many more.. Lets hope the young guns too become stars like them in future..I hope to write more about him in the future,in fact planned to dedicate blog to him and rahman(which i`ll state in my next post)