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Reviving Tour memories:Part Three

By aparajithl
We did have fun in d tour and saw many sight seeings,but the most frustrating visit was Dottabetta hills,energy already got exhausted while traveling through the hair pin bends by van.We went there just to see the hills.Dottabetta is one of the highest point in India,but then i tot hills are quite common in Ooty so found nothing interesting(my Point of View).we saw a telescopic view and it wasnt clear at al(Instructor there did mention abt that)..
One of my friends after seeing it said she wasnt impressed(in English)... that s definitely one of the funniest moments in the tour..Its been two days since i came back from tour but excitement s still there.Unfortunately i`m suffering from head and stomach aches,its getting better now.Hope i would go to col tommo

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