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Cricket Business

By aparajithl

Yesterday we,indians witnessed the cricket Business where several players were been auctioned and around 120 crores spent in just over ten hours,Well,experts say this is just the beginning of this Huge IPL.Fans around were taken by surprise by the price of their international heroes and Youngster like Ishanth hardly have experience behind him is al set to get arount 3.8 crores much ahead of proven performer like Ponting.Is this overbidding? No says experts again.they call these as a strategic move.Remember Some Australian players might not play for atleast 2 seasons,coz of tight schedule.

Already BCCI said to have benefited 7200 crores from IPL.While Whopping sums,Glamour,bollywood driving the IPL forward,One big question is will young cricketers get benefit from this? doubt still remains in fans.Hope when tournament kicks off,everything will be clarified.I guess i need to say about the IPL teams as well,as of know Chennai and Hyderabad seems to very powerful and balanced side..Still players from under 22 need to be picked,Hope we should get full composition by next week.

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