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Bollywood Actress Salary

By aparajithl
Latest News is that Shankar`s Robot starring Super Star Rajnikanth will have Aishwarya Rai as its female lead and she will be paid a huge 6 crores for this film.In this post we will see the Salaries of Hindi actresses

Aishwarya Rai - 6 crores
Katrina Kaif - 6 crores(might be rumours as well)
Kareena Kapoor - 3.5 crores
Rani Mukherjee - 3 to 4 crores
Priyanka Chopra - 2 crores
Deepika Padukone - 2 crores
Bipasha Basu - 1 crore
Shreya - 65 lakhs
Asin - 55 lakhs

All other actresses get 1-2 crores

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