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My life : Today

By aparajithl
I couldn attend 2nd review as i had a terrible eye infection but this time i suppose everything will go well,we managed to finish off the remaining steps in fingerprint recognition and really glad that we got output which we expected and apart from finishing the ppt,i successfully applied for the passport(aaah great achievement rite..)i and my family went to shastri bhavan(is dis rite spelling,anyway i never mind) as early as 9 a.m,and got my particulars verified... The hospitality was bad but then considering the no of applicants appearing for verification,somehow had to give credits to the police men there for controlling crowd... Luckily with online registration in place,i wasnt much affected by the crowds... I returned home only at 3 P.M to see the thriller match between india and Sri Lanka.We are rather comfortably placed with 12 points ahead of lankans but then with the line up lankans have they can roar back. I think by far this is the best Triangular series in this decade.

Lets hope that better team wins the tournament.With just two days to go(for ooty departure) i have to pack my things, which i hope i`ll do it tommo evening and need to charge my camera as well,OOPS! before that i need to complete my 3rd Review(hope we put up a good show :-)

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