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Cricket World Record

By aparajithl
i came across this when i was reading one news article got surprised by the record,In an Women`s World Qualifier match Bermuda got bowled out for a paltry 13 runs,Sounds Interesting rite.and its opponent SA scored those in just four balls.But as this match is just a qualifier one ,it wont go to the record books,i pity SA..Do you remember Bermuda men`s team got trashed by spirited India(eventually Men in Blue got eliminated with that spirit :-) in a world cup match?. Bermuda lost the match by 257 runs - biggest in cricket history.. Such as been the quality of the Bermuda players. They are unable to cope up with the international standards. ICC needs to look at it,they shouldnt add too many countries just for the sake of improving the game.It does reflects like this badly at times..

I thought i should mention about IPL in this post,as IPL started with a definite purpose to improve the quality of domestic players(dont compare them with Bermudans) and BCCI supposed to have got around 7000 crores from TV rights and through franchises too.So then will they invest these money to develop cricket in other countries too?

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