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SMS 2.0

By aparajithl

Tired of seeing the black and white SMS msgs?here`s the way u can renovate ur mail to make it colourful,Airtel(bharati group) joined hands with Affle to provide this service,they say this would enable mobile users to send colourful emotions,text and many more..

Also,there are added services like jokes,Cricket,news which are integrated with this SMS2.0.. Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief of Marketing Division for Airtel Mobile Services said this would help gain or grow market share amoung the Younger people..What is more interesting is that,upgrade to SMS2.0 will be free of cost.Then this facility is now limited to only Airtel users but people do believe many private players like vodafone etc will have this soon.I hope this would provide perfect platform to the Mobile internet World

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