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My Life : Five Cards

Category: By aparajithl
YESTERDAY: I and My Friends had a very exciting day,Cutting the class and playing games is always fun.we actually played five cards game in hostel.Before playing the game i thought i shouldnt lose this time around as i did last time.As always i started well,at that point i believed in my self to go ahead and finish first.After 5 to 10 games my points eventually began to rise and even though luck favoured me a bit but just couldnt convert it,slowly started to lose.Surprisingly one of my friends who was at last position did win at last and final moments were really interesting.

TODAY: Now i missed my college bus,its bit disappointing that i couldnt play five cards again but more than that i will be missing a great movie 'Persuit of Happiness' which will telecasted in my col l audi ,i again squandered the opportunity to see the movie.

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