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India Won CB Series

By aparajithl
Its been pretty hard three months for the Indian players out in Australia ,and with controversies surrounding them its got even tougher.But putting those aside Team India won the battle against aussies in CB Series involving Srilanka as well and atlast won the CB cup.. After the First final experts tot aus would pull things back in Gabba but quite dramatically India did hold the upper hand in major parts of the final game and turned victorious. Sachin started it all,he was in terrific form the other night and also today he was the main architect.I think over the years Sachin started to build innings and try to force things in later part of the innings..he did the same in Sydney and today as well.

We should nt be carried away with this victory,we ve got home series coming up against SA.India should try and win those contests.I really see a bright future and eventually 2 or 3 years down the line we might well be world champions.

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